Dinstar DAG2000-16O 16FXO Gateway

16 FXS ports with RJ11
4 * 10/100Mbps Ethernet

  • Features
    ● Spans a range of 16 FXO ports
    ● Flexible hardware configuration, easy to expansion
    ● Support T.38 & Pass-through real-time fax, which can continually fax multiple pages
    ● VAD, CNG, PLC, Dynamic Jitter Buffer L2/L3
    ● Call hold, Call waiting, Call forward, Do not disturb, Blind transfer, Attended transfer, 3-way conference
    ● Perfect interoperable with leading Softswitch and IPPBX suppliers worldwide

    ● Telephony Interfaces: 16 FXO
    ● Network Interfaces: 4*10/100M Base-TX RJ-45
    ● LED Indicators: Power, Run and Line LEDs

    Voice Processing
    ● Voice Packet Capabilities: G.168 with 32, 64, or 128 ms tail length; CNG, VAD, PLC, AJB
    ● Voice Codec: G.711A/U low, G.723.1, G.729AB
    ● QoS: Diff Serve, Tos, 802.1P/Q VLAN Tagging

    Call Features
    ● Calling Type: Voice/FAX
    ● IVR Voice Prompt: FXO second stage dialing, Private service IVR
    ● Call Handling: One stage dialing, Configurable dial plan, up to 100 dial rules
    ● FAX over IP: T.38/Pass-through/Modem FAX mode, Up to 14.4kbps
    ● Call Features: Caller ID of block, Call waiting, Blind or attended call transfer, Call forward, Do not disturb, 3-way conference

    ● Network Work Mod: NAT Router or Switch Mode
    ● Network Protocols: IP, TCP, UDP,TFTP, FTP, TCP,ARP,RARP, ICMP, NTP, SNTP, Http, DNS, Telnet
    ● NAT Traversal: STUN, Ping, Tracer

    Protocol and Standard
    ● Protocol: SIP V2.0 RFC3261, RTP/RTCP (RFC 1889,1890)
    ● Standard: Bellcore Type 1&2, ETSI, BT, NTT, and DTMF Based CID, Configurable call progress tone

    Configuration Management
    ● Auto Provisioning: TFTP, HTTP, Auto configure/upgrade, Data backup/restore
    ● Web GUI: Configuration, firmware upgrade, TCP/UDP/Current RTP/History calls Statistics
    ● Management: Syslog and CDR, Telnet, SNMP